Testimonials are a common aspect of surgical websites because they illustrate the humanity behind the innovation.  Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Fish provide two particularly powerful testimonials that reflect the passion that patients typically feel about getting an option that is less intimidating than they otherwise would have been able to get at other centers.

Several of the videos below illustrate patients that wanted to have a robotic procedure but either were not candidates or there was a need to convert from a robotic to an open procedure due to unforeseen events that happened during surgery.  These patients remain happy about their outcome when the consent process is transparent about these possibilities.

Mr. Matthews and Mr. Davis describe how they traveled outside their local hospital to be able to receive robotic heart surgery.  This demonstrates the value that patients place in this option.

St Francis Patient Testimonial: Ralph Kennedy
Patient that underwent a robotic bypass using two internal mammary arteries in April 2005. He has done well and provides a powerful description about how meaningful the quick recovery was to his lifestyle.

St Francis Patient Testimonial: Lisa Szczeck
This patient had a dissection of one of her coronary arteries (LAD) and required emergency bypass. It was attempted to be performed robotically and had to be converted to an open case based on events that occurred during surgery. Despite the change in plans, the patient did well, as she describes in the video.

St Francis Patient Testimonial: Dan Balko
Patient describes how he was interested in robotic surgery but was not a candidate. He therefore underwent a successful open chest bypass surgery. His decision to undergo this surgery was strengthened by being able to discuss alternative options and why he was not a candidate.

St Francis Patient Testimonial: Vivian Andrews
Patient that was initially interested in robotic, less invasive surgery. After she understood why she was not a candidate, she agreed to undergo the conventional open chest approach. She did well, as she describes in her video interview.

Presentation given by Larry Fish to the Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce about the benefits of robotic heart surgery.

Patient Testimonial: Larry Fish
Patient describes hearing about robotic bypass from his cardiologist in Boston and then traveling to Tucson in order to undergo the procedure. No surgeon in Boston provided this procedure.


Patient Testimonial: Paul Matthews
Patient who describes learning about robotic surgery in the newspaper. Several months later, he asked to be taken to the only hospital in Tucson that provided robotics when he had an acute heart attack.

Patient Testimonial: Robert Davis
Mr. Davis discusses how we discovered the option of robotic bypass surgery and traveled a long distance from New York to Boston to undergo bilateral IMA grafting using robotics.

Patient Testimonial: Barbara Wakefield
Ms. Wakefield underwent closed-chest bypass surgery just five weeks before this recording where she shares significant advantages to the new surgical techniques using robotic surgery.

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