Robotic heart surgery is a topic that inspires the imagination of the public and often garners the attention of the media.  As illustrated in the below videos, Dr. Poston’s robotic program has been covered by prestigious news organizations such as ABC World News, the Washington Post, and CardioSource World News in addition to frequent coverage by local news.

Media coverage and advertising of robotic surgery evokes controversy among those in the surgical profession, but it is usually welcomed among patients because it provides them access to information that they might not otherwise had about this new option.

Opinion provided for Netflix Documentary

Dr. Poston provided his insights on the training and credentialing issues with robotic surgery for the documentary “Bleeding Edge”, which appeared on Netflix last summer.

Feature on NBC National News

Dr. Poston expressed his views about the pros and cons of robotic surgery in an interview with journalist Cynthia McFadden.

Feature on Dr. Poston's robotic surgery program broadcast on ABC News.

Data from his recent presentation at a national surgical society (ASA) was presented about cost effectiveness and superior clinical outcomes from robotic surgery compared to conventional open chest heart surgery.

Larry Fish's Ignite Southern RI Presentation

Patient presentation about robotic bypass at Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce.  Larry Fish, CEO of a small business in Rhode Island, describes his experience with robotic bypass surgery performed in 2011.

Interview about the benefits of hybrid coronary revascularization, CardioSource WorldNews.

Sugam Bhatnagar, Dr. Poston’s lab manager at Univ of Arizona, provides an interview about our presentation at a national cardiology meeting, TCT 2013.

Direct to consumer advertising of robotic bypass at Boston Medical Center

Video of a TV ad that ran from 2008-9 in Boston and surrounding area.  It resulted in 55 new referrals to our center for robotic bypass surgery, a finding which is the subject of a peer reviewed publication.

Minimally Invasive Surgery Techniques Reduce Risks for Heart Patients

Article by Bruce Goldfarb from the University of Maryland Baltimore.

Featured article in the University of Maryland Alumni Magazine in 2007 about minimally invasive cardiac surgery.

Robot-assisted surgery aids quick recovery

Article by Thelma Grimes, Tucson, AZ

Local newspaper story on the value of a quick recovery after heart surgery.  This patient was responsible for directing a school drama production within 1 month of surgery.

For Heart Disease, a Joint Effort

Article by Naseem Sowti, Washington Post

Article that was in the front page of the health section in the Washington Post, July 2005. The topic was about hybrid coronary revascularization, which was a totally new approach at that time.

Scalpel, Sponge, Robot Arm Please

Article by Ned Potter, Baltimore

This is the web version of the ABC world news story of the cost advantages of robotic heart bypass.

NMC Leads in Robotic Assisted Surgery

Article by Mary Minor Davis

Article about Dr. Poston’s program at Northwest Medical center in Tucson AZ that was in a local business magazine in 2015.

Tucson Lifestyle Medical Guide

Tucson Lifestyle Magazine

Introduction of Dr. Poston’s position at Univ of Arizona in 2011.

Partners in Saving Lives

Article by Scott Barker

One-Stop Bypass Surgery and Angioplasty Now Performed

University of Maryland Medical Center

Boston University Brochure

Surgeon performs assisted robotic cardiac surgery at NWMC

Article published in a local newspaper in Nov 2014 about Dr. Poston’s robotic program at Northwest Medical Center (NWMC).

Photograph by Marc Laytar, UMMC
(Source: New England Journal Of Medicine, May 26, 2005)
Photo courtesy of UA Sarver Heart Center
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