Robert S. Poston, MD



  • I had minimally invasive mitral valve repair surgery done by Dr. Poston in August 2013.  The Flagstaff cardiac surgeons that I saw only offered the traditional mitral replacement which involves sawing of the sternum and traumatizing the body.  I opted to contact and be evaluated by Dr. Poston.

    Within days, Dr. Poston made an appointment for my surgery which was completed successfully.  Dr. Poston went completely out of his way to assure that all went well (sitting with me for a full 2 hours after surgery) – and also making sure tht I remained sedated until the ventilator could be removed, causing me no discomfort.

    Recovery from the minimally invasive process was practically unnoticed by me – as there was no real pain or serious discomfort.  Tylenol was all I needed to alleviate any discomfort.  Already, there is complete healing of all entry points, with almost no visible scarring.

    My condition today is significantly improved and I am functioning normally and feeling great.  Being that my surgery was a repair (not replacement), it rendered my heart to be as close to a natural state as it can be.  I need no blood thinning therapy nor a mass of medication that other treatments would require.

    I could not be happier with the services rendered to me by Dr. Poston.  He has been continually available to me via email and phone calls since surgery – and spends even more time communicating with me than I ever expected.  I would call Dr. Poston my friend, as well as my physician.

    Greg Smith,