Robert S. Poston, MD



  • I have never met a more professional or caring doctor in my life.  I am a physicist and CTO of a high-tech corporation, used to dealing with very intelligent and competent persons, but Dr. Poston definitely is an outstanding talent and should be an example to all surgeons.  Just to mention some facts about my case, I was walking and exercising the day after my surgery, which turned out to be more technically complicated than expected due to three ruptured chordea in my valve.  After four weeks, I was traveling and working almost as usual.  I showed my postop echocardiogram to my cardiologist (he did not know Poston because he was in another town) and I have to quote his words “You were not operated on by a doctor, this was the work of an artist”.  He saw a zero-leaking valve that almost killed me four weeks earlier.

    Ed Yankin,