Robert S. Poston, MD



  • Dr. Poston led a highly innovative program at the department of surgery in Arizona.  He established simulation labs to assess and improve communication skills and the learning curve among team professionals including cardiac surgeons, cardiologists, anesthesiologists, perfusionists and nurses for critical surgical procedures prior to implementing them in high risk patients.  This was best exemplified during five comprehensive simulation training exercises at the outset of our TAVI valve program, which subsequently led to excellent clinical results.  He’s been one of the few cardiac surgeons in the nation that have received NIH funding to conduct translational research.  He spent many late evenings with his research team to direct the lab projects that resulted in new findings. Dr. Poston is a visionary world class surgeon who is gifted enough to expand the robotic program well beyond the existing borders of this University.

    Behrooz Dehdashi, PhD,