STS risk calculator – a tool that is used on all patients prior to heart surgery to predict their risk of death or major complication based on the 40 risk factors that are entered.  During the consultation that we have prior to surgery, we provide our patients with a copy of the results that are calculated.

STS public reporting – a site that reveals the results for heart surgery programs that perform coronary artery bypass grafting.

Da vinci surgeon locator – a site that lists heart surgeons in each region of the country that perform at least 50 cases per year using robotics.  This is an important tool so that patients can identify those surgeons that have experience in a technically demanding procedure like robotic heart surgery.

CTSNet listing of Dr. Poston.  This short description of Dr. Poston’s background is contained on a site that lists all the members of the Society of Thoracic surgeons, the society for all CT surgeons.

St Francis Medical Center Heart Center.  Site describes the background of Dr. Poston.

HealthGrades rating of Dr. Poston.  Contains patient comments about their experiences with Dr. Poston.  Also see the blog post Dr. Poston has written about potential limitations of this resource.

Apr 5, 2018 @ 6:16 pm